Hello World: Rising From the Ashes

Hello World: Rising From the Ashes

This post was originally posted on Medium.

It was March 2016 when I created my blog and posted two articles. Unfortunately, no one read it and I did not know how to get in touch with my audience. I obsessively checked Google Analytics for a month, but it showed no spikes. I failed miserably. Fast forward to this weekend, I decided that I will start over, and this time I will keep going.

After spending hours deciding on a blogging platform (Ghost vs. Jekyll vs. Medium vs. WordPress), choosing a perfect theme for my chosen platform (Jekyll), unsuccessfully attempting to setup CI/CD process using Docker, and getting frustrated that I was going nowhere, I decided to take a step back and re-think my approach. I quickly realized that I was spending most of my time on the least important things. At this point, the only thing that matters the most is that I put my thoughts in writing and make sure I get them to you. So, here I am, writing my first “Hello World” blog post on Medium.

If you are someone like me who wants to write a blog and has great ambitions, learn from my experience and mistakes. Gather your thoughts and post them on one of the existing platforms. You see, this way you can get to your audience faster while you are still working on your own blog in the background. I am planning to do the same, and my goal is to share (both personal and career) experiences with you while I continuing to build out my own blog and get better at it.

To conclude my post, let me thank you for reading this post and urge you to give me tips, suggestions or simply motivate me to keep going by commenting on this post.Oh, and if you are from USA: (belated) Happy 4th of July. I took fireworks’ pictures worth sharing.

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