The 5-Post Series

The 5-Post Series

Ever since I posted my first article, I have been thinking about the next topic of my post. Every time I sit down to write about something, I get sucked into research mode and end up reading a number of articles. I gather all sorts of information and after an exhaustive research, I find myself in bed feeling tired to write down even a single word. This has happened to me numerous times and all I have done is read more. While it has helped me learn from other blog posts / Talks etc., It has made it next to impossible to achive my goal of "writing down my thoughts". "The 5-Post series" is my solution to that.

In this series, I will pick a topic and write down TL;DR summary of 4 existing articles/talks, 2 in favor of the topic and 2 criticizing the topic. In the 5th post, I will write down my thoughts along with more resources to explore the topic.

Here are the list of all the Topics I have covered so far,

  • Week 1 : 08/21/2017 - 08/25/2017 on "Does blogging matter"?

footNote : This series started as the 5-Day series and I was planning to write one post a day. However, I just could not keep up with that goal and hence it is now The 5-Post series. It is really hard to write down good content everyday (at least,for me) without degrading the quality of the content or feeling exhausted.*

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