TL;DR - Why every engineer should blog in 2017

TL;DR - Why every engineer should blog in 2017

It is a common perception that blogging is about creating a personal brand and is well suited for marketers and thought leaders. There are also points made like it is worth showcasing programming skills on platforms like GitHub or stack overflow over writing a blog. Tim Moore, In this blog post, challenges these perceptions and explains "Why every engineer should blog in 2017".

The Engineering industry is seeing growing percentage of freelancers in the workforce and it is predicted to grow even more. This is a clear indication of engineers serving their skills vs. just being "9 to 5" employees. It is essential for engineers to create a public portfolio separate from employers and blog is the simplest path forward. Having a blog may present career opportunities that recruiting systems may omit due to their false positives.

Even if engineers are not looking outside for career opportunities, it is essential and assumed that once you get to a certain (senority) level, you posses soft-skills. Tim believess that writing a blog can accelerate that process. Mostly because it forces you to think, read and makes you a better communicator.

There are still points made like, I am not a good writer or no one will read my blog so why waste time. While these arguments possess certain level of truth, Tim Moore, suggests that we write for someone (targeted audience) with the purpose of teaching. Think it as a sort of your rubber ducky, the blog will definitely strengthen the understanding of the topic. It does not have to be perfect, mine is not.

This blog has definitely touched points that I am experiencing as a new blogger, kudos to Tim Moore for this awesome blog post.

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