About Me

About Me

I am an extrovert Geek. Anything that involves Computers and cool gadgets fascinates me. Since my first programming script to shut down a machine till this day, my love for computers and gadgets has just grown. If it was not for "Anki" (my gf), I would be saving my lunch money to buy new gadgets. I have a dream of building a gadget room with all the coolest gadgets in it. Aside from cool gadgets, I also love playing Ping-pong and Volleyball, doing photography, biking and flying my Parrot Bebop2 drone.

Academically, I did my Masters in Computer Science as my major and focused on Software Engineering from University of Illinois at Springfield, IL and graduated with 4.0 GPA ( I love to brag about it.)

My passion and dedication for Computers, to be specific for Software have allowed me to keep getting better at it. I envision sharing my thoughts and learning with the Tech community and this blog is a part of that journey.

With this blog, I am focusing on Technical and non-technical aspects of the Software Engineering. From Technical stand point, I am focused on .NET world (now specifically .NET core) and also MEAN stack. From non-technical stand point, My goal is to help shape a culture at a workplace , Create efficient software engineering processes to focus on what matters, which is reliable, robust and working Software. This includes a wide variety of topics like Agile, Collaboration, Soft-skills and so on.

As you read my blog, you will learn more about me, what I urge to you is to reach out to me (even to say Hi) at on Twitter (PatelNik7) and/or email me at me@nik-patel.com